God is well in my little girl’s heart

My four year old daughter has never had an understanding of God until recently. I have been reading baby bibles to her since she was a few months old. I have been reading this bible to her since she was three. A few weeks ago her bus got into a fender bender. She got thrown into the window and got a bruise by her eye. That night she asks what happens if she meets God. She has been thinking about God everyday now. We now read God Thinks Your Wonderful by Max Lucado everyday now. It is simple and she understands it every well. She is very well on her way to being saved one day in the future now. This would not have happened without the bus accident. It is wonderful how God places things in your life that change your whole perspective. I can’t see what God does in my little girl’s life next.




6 thoughts on “God is well in my little girl’s heart

  1. helloredds says:

    Don’t you love the simple faith of children!
    Sounds like God is at work in your little girl’s life!
    Thanks for sharing today on Wise Woman.
    Hope you have a blessed day~


  2. Tina Truelove says:

    Awww, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your child receive Jesus. We are so quick to assume that accidents or bad things are always bad, but we forget that God allows bad things to happen to bring us closer to Him. It is always great to see God working in the lives of children.


    • caglechick87 says:

      Yeah it is pretty exciting time in my little girls life. I am really bad at judging situations and not thinking about God wants of the situation most of the time, but this time I noticed almost right away.


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