5 Lessons I learned Going Back to Work

I thought I would be a stay at home mom forever but that wasn’t to be. My two girls are now 4 and 7 and I am now a full time working mom. I work as a closer at Mcdonalds now. I have learned a few lessons since I have returned to the work force.

1.) Halfway Messy

My house will never be perfectly clean. Even though I have all day at home by myself while my girls are at school my house will never be perfectly clean. I wake up, get my girls ready for school, and then go back to sleep after they go to school.

2.) Better Co-Parenting

My husband always wanted to take care of his girls his way, but I never let him. I always wanted what I wanted, but now I am finding out that some of his methods are actually better. He is a minimalist and I am starting to be too. I want the limited time I have with the girls being spent on them, not picking up their stuff.

3.) Time is precious

I get to see my girls before school, during weekends and that is it. I am actually paying more attention to them though. I have pushed them on the swings, did their nails and made them laugh more than ever.

4.) Mothering Others

There are a lot of young girls that work with me. I am taking them under my wing and giving them life advice. It seems to be working. The girl with a lousy boyfriend dumped him, and another one is staying in school after a long discussion about her future. I get to be a role model to more girls than just my daughters now and it is really fun.

5.) Things Change

I used to want things my way only. I was living in a my way or the highway type life before I started working. Now that I get out of the house and go to work I see that other people’s methods are kind of fun to adapt to. I am learning lessons from my husband more, and I am even learning things from my daughters and co-workers.

I love my new life. I miss a lot of cuddle time with my daughters but to see the difference I can make in others girls’ lives is totally inspiring. I also make money so my girls can get things and do things that they couldn’t before. I hope my girls look back and this moment and decided that I made the right choice when they grow up.