How I make meal planning easy.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you would know that I am a stay at home mom of two little girls. One is two and the other is four. They eat a ton of fruits and veggies but not so much meat. I also have my husband that works twelve hour shifts at a factory. He is also diabetic so we need to avoid too much bread or sweets with him, and have everything in a very good balance. In the diabetic balance he also needs lots of protein and calories. This makes meal planning take several hours for me to do a week. Mostly finding new recipes to keep things exciting.

I have been using the mealgarden meal planning app for the last two weeks. I actually did the full meal plan this week. It was so easy and fun. I just plugged my favorite recipes into it by typing them into their system. I was also able to find some really good recipes in their cookbook that they already had in the system. I even put my own unique recipe on there for my skinny pancakes. It took me a few hours to fill in the meal plan but most of that was looking for new recipes and plugging them into their system. I even messed up and put everything onto the wrong week on the calender because I was tired from working with my girls. It only took about ten minutes to put everything into the correct week’s place.

The nutrition part of it is awesome. I thought I was doing really badly with my meals because I put my dinners in first and they contain a lot of red meat, and it actually made me think more health conciously as I was plugging the rest of the meals in, and my family could potentially be eating more healthy because of it. As I plugged meals with more veggies or fruits in them my overall mealplan health rating went from red (unhealthy) to green (healthy). I could see this tool potentially helping me plan healthier meals than ever before for my family. I have never been too health concious of a person, and even with my husband’s diabetes we still don’t eat perfectly. All of that could change if I keep using this app.

The shopping list part of the app is really cool too. The fact that you can change the measurements for shopping reasons is so cool and really helps with the pricing of items. Also the fact that you can email your list to anyone is super helpful. If one of my girls gets sick I can just email the list to my husband and he could look it up on his phone and grab the things we need without stopping home to get a grocery list. This feature is so convenient. It really is one of the most useful parts of the app for me. It would take mere seconds to get the list sent out and then cuddle with my sick girl again.

I have a few others things in my mind that this app could improve on. The first one is to track beverages as well. If you drink the wrong things your calories will go up and your health benefits decrease. They would just need to open a new meal slot labled beverages. Along on this note since the app is already doing health of food it would be pretty cool if it could add the nutritional facts of your whole meal plan all together and then also have a daily section that would be really cool and would benefit a dieter like I am. I lost a lot of weight this year and I think something like that would really help me continue to lose weight, and I might even switch out some meals in the plan with others for calorie or health reasons. The other thing I wish they did was to make the meal plans you create shareable with the click of a button, maybe to just other users of the app that would be really cool. It would be fun to see what other users are eating.

That is what I think of this amazing app and how it can be improved. I suggest that you give it a try, because it really does save me a ton of time, money and makes me eating habits more healthy. Thank you for reading this.


Opening Meme Readathon April 2016

I am doing the readathon differently this year. I will be reading one childrens book to my two and four year old daughters all day long .

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? I am blogging from the great state of Wisconsin in the United States

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? Something disney princess. Hopefully Cinderella.

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? We still need to grocery shopping but hopefully we will do some doritos, and chocolate chip cookies.

4) Tell us a little something about yourself! I am a stay at home mom of two year old and four year old. I have blogged for sex months now here at Bobbiedaisy

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to? I look forward to reading great books with my girls

Tips for getting an overtired toddler to sleep

So about a month ago Daisy started stepping out of her crib. I just kind of put her in there after she fell asleep, knowing how hard falling asleep is after she is free. I wanted her to get the most sleep she could. That only lasted for two weeks.
Now she is free and sleeping in her big girl bed but it has not came easily. She is very overtired sometimes and fights sleep and the last two weeks have been very hard on both of us. I do have a few tips to make it easier for others in our situation though.
The first one is to stay calm. Getting all worked up is never good for you or your child. I stay calm by drinking cold water if I get upset it about instantly calms me down. I drink an extra cup of coffee if I need to for extra energy and to not get whiney.
The second is to give them lots of cuddles. It will help them calm down and feel loved. Besides they are getting bigger and you can’t get those precious hugs back when the get bigger. I love hugging my Daisy girl.
The next one I read books to her to try to keep her attention and keep her still without watching tv. I love books over tv they are so much more comforting.
The next thing if they are still not asleep is a small snack to fill their little tummies. Cheese and crackers or fruit with water are snacks I love to give her before bed. Both are pretty healthy.
The last tip is if they are still not asleep is to give them a nice relaxing bubble bath and let them burn off some energy for a while. This will also give you a break to recouperate and calm yourself down from working on putting a little one to sleep for so long. After bathtime repeat the cycle until they fall asleep.
Good luck to everyone who is along with me in this stage of toddler life. I hope these tips helped.

I love playing outside with my girls

I love playing outside with my girls for many different reasons. The first one is that they are able to tired themselves out playing outside. I am able to avoid many different tantrums that way. They play outside until they are ready for nap time. I can also get my housework done after because they normally take a nap right after. I actually took my two year old outside today and she fell asleep in the baby swing at the nap. It was so cute and she passed out right away when she got home in her bed.

The second reason is that they can be leader. Going on walks, playing with sidewalk chalk, and riding bike are all things they normally choose to do daily. It helps them gain lots of independence with me just watching them do what they want to do.
I can’t wait to see what they will do when we start our garden this summer. There will be so many new ways for them to play, it will be so exciting.

The third reason is that they gain a lot of health benefits that way. They gain physical strength, and a free spirit by playing outside. Things they can’t gain by playing inside. This is why I love playing with my little girls outside.

Petite Pudding

Piercings and Tatoos.

The only piercings I have on my body are my ears pierced. I still want to get the cartilige in my ear pieced but I haven’t eat I just always thought it looked pretty cool.

I don’t have any tatoos yet but I am kind of thinking of getting one with a heart and my husband’s initials in it. I am also thinking about getting one for each of my girls. I am super scared of how much it would hurt though and that is currently holding me back. I think I will go through with it someday though.


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My favorite Quote

My favorite quote is “April showers bring may flowers”. I first loved this because I am born in April and love rain and thunderstorms. Now I love it even more because I have my two year old daughter Daisy that has a flower name. It is so cute. I just love it.


Meal plan April 3rd- 10th

This week has been pretty calm around my house. I have been getting tons of chores done. I actually have the laundry and dishes, and fridge cleaning caught up at the same time for once. It is pretty awesome.

My little Bobbiesue (4 year old) is getting her first piece of mail this week. It is going to be a letter from her best friend Ben. He is her best friend in school but he lives in another town. She will be super excited.

My little Daisy is currently experimenting with learning to sneak out of her crib. She can only do it when she has a lot of energy though. So the toddler bed will go up this weekend.

This weekend we didn’t do a whole lot other than grocery shopping and cleaning the house as a family but it was still pretty fun.

This week there are a lot of comfort foods in my meal plan because it is still snowing and cold here this week. It is like mother nature doesn’t quite realize it is supposed to be spring. Whatever happened to April showers bring spring flowers?

Sunday- pork loin, scalloped potatoes, rolls

Monday- slow cooker chicken tacos

Tuesday- stuffed peppers

Wednesday- mess

Thursday- burgers, jojos, sugar cookies

Friday- blt snack wraps, jojos

Saturday- Meatloaf, potatoes, gravy and mushrooms


meal plan monday