Meal Plan January 24th- 31st

This week has been a bit warmer. My husband finally stopped feeling so sick. He had a pretty big sinus infection last week and really gave us a scare because he was not getting better. He takes a long time to get over it when he gets sick because he is diabetic. Luckily he is all better now though.

My girls are going to have a pretty big surprise today. Bobbie’s first surprise was that she didn’t have school today because of teacher meetings.  They see their great grandpa once a month and he is coming here today and is bringing each girl a blanket. They love their gifts from their great grandpa and whenever he gives them one they cherish it forever.

Sunday- Chili, fritos, Jiffy cornbread box.

Monday- Nachos with green peppers, black olives, onions, salsa and Daisy sour cream on top

Tuesday- Macaroni mess, garlic bread

Wednesday- Fajitas, mexican rice, taco dip, and tortilla chips

Thursday- Baked chicken, baked potatoes w/ Daisy sour cream on top

Friday- General tsos chicken with brown rice

Saturday- Pulled pork, stuffing, and Pillsbury crescent rolls

Breakfasts will be ; eggs, toast, pancakes, oatmeal, and fresh fruit (apples and bananas)

Lunches will be; Hot dogs with Bush’s baked beans, soup (for days where it is just me and Daisy), and grilled cheeses.

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