Meal plan Feb 16th- 23rd

This weekend was so sweet and fun. It was Valentines Day weekend for most people. In my family it was one very sweet step up from that. It was  8th my anniversary on Sunday. Yes we were married on Valentines Day just like his parents and grandparents were. We were married at the place my parents were married. It is so symbolic and sweet to be following in both of their footsteps, and really helped start our marriage right.

Sunday was also my husband’s grandson’s 4th birthday. We had tons of fun seeing family there. So Sunday was a very fun and relaxing day. We had one little setback though. I had hit the snow filled curb last night. I know I had a little crack in the front end. I guess the collision was hard enough for the seat belt to deploy without coming out so now my car has no air bag. That is what my husband found out when he used a code tester to figure out why the airbag light was always on. The car is perfectly fine though so it kind of irritates me. Other than that the whole weekend was perfect.

Sunday- Steaks, baked potatoes, biscuits, sugar cookies, cake

Monday- Kielbasa, Brown Rice, Cabbage

Tuesday- Steak fajitas, spanish rice, tortilla chips

Wednesday- Baked chicken, biscuits, corn

Thursday- sunbird general tso chicken packet, rice

Friday- pulled pork, mac and cheese

Saturday- chicken, bacon, ranch sandwiches, jojo potatoes

Menu Plan Monday

Winter Conferences

My four year old Bobbie had her winter conferences today. It was at the house and I had to clean the house before her teacher came with the help of my 23 month old Daisy. We got done with 15 minutes to spare. It was a pretty close call but it had to be ok. My eye injury due the scratch on my eye pushed things back a lot.

It was completely worth it though. She is doing excellent is can already count her name, is very creative (coming up with whole projects by herself), and also memorizing stories at story time to tell back later. She will pass kindergarten screening when that comes up. I am so excited. Although she is youngest in her class with the first day of school being after her birthday and she may have some social issues in middle school due to how young she is. I am so proud of her.

I know she is smart but I still wonder if it is helped by the fact that I started tot schooling her when she first turned 2. We would read one story every week and do different projects with that story. We would also count to ten every time she sat on the potty, and also went through her shapes daily. I think it might have helped but I am super proud of her reguardless. She is my sweet, smart, well spoken never quiet, brave little girl.

The one aspect of her being in school I was worried about was social, but she is doing great she not only has friends she pulls the kids that are bored in the corners with nobody to play with in to play with her. She is the class mother and helps other kids not get hurt or into trouble. She even tries to fix their problems before she tells the teacher. I am so happy that she is social butterfly I never was in school. Yay. I don’t have to worry about my number one fear for her and it takes a giant weight off of my shoulders.

All in all I am very proud of her, and I know she has a great future ahead of her. I am so happy today.


Meal Plan February 7th- 14th

This week has been crazy around here. First off this weekend I was cleaning for my daughter to have her parent teacher conferences here at home. Then I gave my eye a paper cut. I could hardly see all weekend. Not fun. I did have a nice relaxing weekend with my daughters and my husband though. My eye injury forced me to settle down and relax. Something I really don’t do often. I did really enjoy it though. Just hugging, kissing, and talking to everyone more instead of cleaning so much was so fun.

On Saturday we had a ton of fun just shoveling snow. We taught Daisy how to shovel too. It was so cute. She is 23 months and she was actually shoveling. Bobbie not so much she just wanted to play in the snow on the swing set until we made her babysit her sister by pulling her on the sled so we could do some winter maintenance on our cars.

On Sunday was of course the Superbowl. I am major football fanatic so yesterday was so fun. I am super happy that the Broncos won and Peyton Manning got to go out on top with a Superbowl victory. Yay. I always liked Peyton. He is such a team player and always finds the positives in every situation. So it was pretty cool to see him win a Superbowl.

Sunday- Chili, fritos, little debbie brownies

Monday- Tacos (Cleaned house all day 8am-10pm?? (still not done))

Tuesday- Kielbasa+ Cabbage , Brown rice, Caramel Apple Cobbler

Wed- Baked Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, leftover cobbler

Thursday- Pulled pork, corn, leftover biscuits

Friday- pulled pork sandwiches with gravy over bread, w/ mashed potatoes, sugar cookies

Saturday- Sunbird general tso chicken packet, brown rice, leftover sugar cookies

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Baker Creek Heirloom Seed review + giveaway

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company is a great company. They offer over 1800 varieties of seeds. They have seeds from 75 different countries. Their first catalog started in 1998. The carry one of the largest selection of seeds from the 19th century, including many Asian and European varieties. They promote and preserve their agricultural and culinary heritage. They even have their own village in the Missouri Ozarks. I love this company.

They offer vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. They have any kind of vegetable seed imaginable, and they are high quality seeds. I will be doing a seed review on these seeds in a few weeks for you all to see just how great they are. They also have great prices. Many varieties start at $2-$3 per packet. If you need seeds this is a great place to go.

Today I have a giveaway from this great seed company. They want to give one of you lucky readers their heirloom seed collection. This is a great way to get your garden going. If you have been reading my other gardening posts and want to start gardening with me this would be a great way to start. I am very proud to host this giveaway.

This giveaway will be open from right now today until March 2nd at 12:00 am. To enter the giveaway all you need to do is tell my two year old happy birthday. This giveaway ends when her birthday begins. I will plug all entries into and choose a winner that way.


This is a sponsored post. I was offered the seed collection as a giveaway gift for one lucky reader. All of the opinions are 100% my own.


Here is my Daisy (2 year old)

Meal plan January 31st- Feb 6th

This meal plan is going to be all comfort foods. My rotator cuff in my shoulder is causing me severe trouble right now. I have to go in for an mri soon if it doesn’t get better. This is so hard with a 22 month old and four year old. I am making it through though. I just have to carry each of them a whole lot less. I also have to do less housework. Less doing the dishes yay! Less carrying my girls that is not so fun. Well I will see how it goes.

Sunday- Chili, fritos,
Monday- Mess, garlic bread
Tuesday- Pork chops, mac & cheese
Wednesday- fajitas, taco dip, spanish rice
Thursday- General Tso chicken, brown rice
Friday- Pulled pork sandwiches, potatoes, gravy
Saturday- Brats, (homemade potato dumplings if I feel up to it) otherwise mac and cheese.