Happy Birthday Daisy

It is my little girl’s 2nd birthday today. She is my cute and relaxed bookworm. She loves to color and draw already a lot. She is definitely a thinker she thinks about what she does before she does things. It is so cute to watch her think of her little plans. She is a helper giving her big sister a milk cup too if she gets milk, carries her sisters teddy bear to her, and if somebody needs something just ask her and she will help with it.

Today she got jelly beans for a snack, veggies for breakfast, and got to watch yo gabba gabba with me holding her. I am not quite sure what she wants to do today because she doesn’t talk much yet but I think coloring, and playing with little people will be happening today. Not much for a party today though. That is all saved for her big family party on Saturday. Of course it will be pink and purple daisy flower themed. I can’t wait to share the party review with all of you. So I hope all of you have a great day, and I will go and have fun with my little Daisy girl.

Meal plan Feb 29th- March 6th

Well I missed a week of posting my meal plans. My little Daisy came down with ┬ápneumonia. She was so sick she didn’t even want off of me once for three days. We took her to the dr. on Saturday and she was so dehydrated she couldn’t keep her antibiotics down until after a gatorade diet to help her. So she had to go and get a shot in the leg and start the gatorade diet on Sunday. By Monday she was finally able to take her antibiotics and keep them down. She finally started feeling better by Tuesday night and playing with her sister then. It was a crazy week though. Now it is party time around here this weekend for her birthday. She gets a huge one for scaring mommy like that with being so sick.

Anyway onto the meal plan. This is going to be a different week for us food wise. Me and my girls will be going to cooking school this week. We have went off and on for the last two weeks. It is really fun to meet other parents and cook with the girls. It is teaching me to cook healthier and have the girls help me cook. So I am still making meals on Tuesday and Thursday but they are just for my husband to eat when we are gone because he is too overworked to come with us, from working his twelve hour shift at work that starts at three am.

Monday- Dutch chicken, potatoes, gravy

Tuesday- General tso chicken, rice

Wed- Cheddar wurst, mac &cheese – Daisy’s favorite for her birthday

Thurs- Twice baked potatoes, pork steak

Fri- Fajitas

Sat- Pizza- while pre prepping for birthday party

Sun- party food- chili, cornbread, tortilla chips, dip, fruit salad, sugar cookies shaped like Daisy’s, cake

Menu Plan Monday