The link between bipolar and sugar


The link between bipolar and sugar.

A shocking discovery

I have noticed that myself and a lot of other people with bipolar depression have been struggling this time of year. The main reason is they are eating too much sugar, and then staying inside and not exercising because it is getting colder outside.

I personally have been getting grumpier and my medicine is not working the way it once did. I just realized while getting my husband a couple of mini candy bars out of the cabinet that I have been eating too much sugar and it was the reason why I was so grumpy. I couldn’t believe that something so small was making me so grumpy. It was though, there are astounding facts out there about the link of diet and bipolar depression.  

What sugar does to the bipolar mind

It can stop medications from working effectively. These medicines keep people with bipolar stable, and heaving healthy lives. This is not good at all.

It can also make it hard to keep weight off. People will actually gain weight from sugar. It is also addictive so once one piece is eaten it is very hard to stay away from eating another. This is very dangerous especially for people that should not be having a lot of sugar.

Parenting Issues

Sugar can block antidepressants from working. Now I know why I was so unhappy and about to punch something. It wasn’t the fact that my five year old was yelling at me, or my two year old wouldn’t go to bed. The problem was that I ate sugar, and now my pills didn’t work.

I kept myself from yelling at them as much as I could. However my two year old would not go to bed. She knew something was wrong and her daddy had to put her to bed. I need to focus on my girls and take care of myself for them. They should never have to realize that mommy has an issue so now I am getting grumpy at them.

Diet Changes

Right now I am totally staying away from candy bars. I am also drinking tons of water, instead of any pop. I am still having my coffee though. The amount needs to be greatly reduced though.

I am now finding out other things about the bipolar diet. There is an actual way bipolar people are supposed to eat. I had bipolar my whole life and I had no idea about this. I will now be working on writing bipolar meal plans for this blog. I hope I can affect somebody else that is on the same journey as me.