Bobbiesue’s 6th Birthday


My little Bobbiesue had a super awesome 6th Birthday.

In the morning we made blueberry muffins. Bobbie put in the ingredient bag, milk, and mixed it all. I put in the eggs, poured out the batter, and cooked them for her. Helping make her breakfast gave her a great feeling of accomplishment. I try to give her a new privilege on every birthday that she has. This year she earned a little bit more independence in working in the kitchen.

After that we went to check the mail. It was overfilling with birthday surprises! She recieved a birthday card from her great grandpa Bill, bathbombs, and cookies.

She opened the bath bomb right away when she got home. Daisy got one too and we were super excited about that. They came from HeartNSoul on Etsy. They were in the forms of a super adorable pink and purple cupcake for Bobbie, and a pink and purple bath bomb for Daisy. They used them as soon as they were opened, and stayed in the bath for a full two hours while I cleaned the house for her party. As they fizzed and released their amazing vanilla cupcake scent a small surprise emerged, Shopkins! My girls loved these bath bombs so much and play with the shopkins daily. They found her interests and matched them perfectly.


Later that night she had her birthday party. Her cousin Maisy and grandma came to celebrate her special day with her. She started her party by opening her presents. She was given some pretty amazing gifts this year. Her cousin and grandma gave her 2 pairs of jeans, 2 sweatshirts, her name in big pink glittery foam letters for her bedroom door, and an art kit with spin art and 4 different activities in it. From Daisy, her dad and I she got a 1,000 piece frozen art kit, a pink jeep t-shirt, and a super cool mermaid card.

The card was from Rosa Lopez on Etsy. It is super bright, colorful, and genuinely beautiful. It is a very high quality artist made card. It also included handmade stickers. She loved it, because of the mermaid on it and her favorite Disney princess is Ariel. Rosa did a fantastic job on it.

For dinner we did pulled pork, potatoes, and garlic cheddar rolls. Then came dessert. Her cake was a very nice Little Mermaid cake from the grocery store. There were also pink strawberry cookies from Sweet Southern Oven on Etsy. They tasted absolutely amazing and Bobbie loved the bright pink color. he sent a bag home with her cousin and grandma. ( I later found out that they loved them as well.) I was on the border about eating them because I had already skipped eating cake due to my no sugar diet but I broke down and tried one after my husband devoured two without a break in between them. They were so worth it. They were soft, crumbly, and tasted like freshly picked strawberries mixed with whipped cream. We all loved them and Laura did a great job baking them.

After the party she went to bed very quickly. Her skin was super soft and smelled like cupcakes from the bath bomb while I was putting her pajamas on her. She was so tired from having such a fun, and happy birthday. A lot of people came together to give her a great day and I am a so incredibly grateful.