My Favorite Christmas Presents for Two year olds

Two-year-olds are very cute and full of adventure. Playing with everything in site. However, they are so busy that finding a great Christmas present they will actually play with for a long time day after day may be quite difficult. I have some great ideas for you today that my two-year-old daughter actually plays with.


1.) Tree slice wooden lacing toy

This toy is amazing. My daughter loves to play with it for about an hour every day. It was a little hard to lace in the beginning but now she laces it pretty quickly and is now beginning to make a tower with the pieces and then stack the pieces off of her tower. The benefits of this great product include.

  • Great wood scent- provides a sensory¬†experience like being out in nature.
  • Helps with learning fine motor skills
  • Is of great quality. The pieces are nice and smooth.
  • Perfect size for little hands.




2.) Heart tic tac toe game

She loves to play this game with her big sister. It provides great quality time with her sister. It also helps her learn to think when she has to decide where to place her pieces. The benefits of this great product are.

  • Heart shape looks so cute enticing my little girls to play with the pieces
  • Builds decision-making skills as they decide where to place the pieces
  • Great size for little hands.
  • Helps my girls spend quiet time together.

Yes, I picked two handmade items off of etsy. I love buying from small businesses. It really helps the owners make money and provide for their families. You should really consider buying from small businesses if you don’t currently. They spend a lot of time and give a ton of love to each product they make and it shows in their product quality.