A Fast and Frugal Meal Plan

Me and my boyfriend are both working crazy hours this week. I have my first full week of being a manager at Dominos and he always works over fifty hours a week. We also need to keep this week frugal because he needs new tires and rotors on his car. With two delivery jobs the wear and tear on his vehicles is crazy. It seems like when gets out of the shop the other is going in lately. It is normally a $600 repair.

Sunday- Pork medallions with mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits, and fruit salad. These pork medallions do not take long to cook but are full of flavor and you can get 12 of them out of one pork tenderloin.

Monday- Eat out. This is my day off with my boyfriend and no kids. We normally go to the casino and play blackjack on this day.

Tuesday- Crock pot steaks and cheesy rice. Cheesy rice is my boyfriend’s specialty and he even taught me and his son to make it. This is a quick and easy meal for when we are both working.

Wednesday– Blueberry muffin Blondies for breakfast. These are a quick make ahead breakfast for when he is done with his paper route. We will most likely do leftover steaks for dinner because he is off of work and I have a split shift that day.

Thursday- Pulled pork sandwiches with the last of the tenderloin from the medallions earlier in with week with homemade Mac and cheese.

Friday- We will all probably be grabbing something at Dominos because it will just be me, my boyfriend, and his son. We all work there it is kind of a family act at the store. I watch and help train his son at one and he works at several different stores ( sometimes ours) as an sos driver. He is the top driver in our division so he gets sent all over.

Saturday- Yay! I get my girls. This will be our pizza night. I will make pizza dough, and the kids can top it with bacon, sausage, or pepperoni. I will also make brownies that night as a fun family meal.

Thank you for looking at this post I hope it gave you some quick, easy, and Frugal Meal ideas.

Blog Relaunch

I am so sorry for not writing in this blog for so long. The truth is I have been going through the torment of an unhappy marriage for years. Now I am able to start blogging again after filing for divorce. I am so excited to be back with a few changes to this blog. I am in a new relationship with a guy I have wanted for 13 years. He is completely amazing and fully supports my life decisions. He also has a 16 year old son so I may have some teen boy related content on this blog.

Now for an update on the girls. Daisy is now 7 and she has severe learning problems. She is going into second grade and still can’t read. This is due to severe vision problems. She has already had her glasses renewed and strengthed five times by the age of 7. She loves playing baby alives and Roblox. She is a very sensitive and caring little girl. She is also a major risk taker and does not let anything scare her or hold her back.

Bobbiesue is 9 years old and is the youngest in her class and is in the top 94 percent of the nation when it comes to reading. She is a thinker and acts very mature for her age. She loves Roblox and reading books. Dork diaries is her favorite series. She will be in middle school next year.