Ten Ways I am rocking Motherhood!

I was nominated to do the ten ways I am rocking motherhood challenge by Elizabeth at worth writing for.

I try to be the best mom I can be every day. I ran into a really awesome challenge that inspires you to think of and name ten reasons that you rock as a mom. At first I could not think of any specific ideas but then I really thought about it and starting writing an idea down on at a time when I thought of it. I now have more than ten but I will bring you my favorite ten things that make me rock as a mom.

  1. I cook a good dinner every night with as little pre made foods as I can. I find it to be frugal, and more healthy than buying premade foods. My favorite foods that I make on my own are chicken sandwiches, and mac and cheese. I also make bread from scratch once a month and I am currently trying to get motivated to do it daily and not buy it store bought anymore. This helps my husband be home with my girls more instead of working overtime which provides a more stable home life for my girls.
  2. Kitchen time with mom!- I let my girls in the kitchen with my at least once a week. We often bake cookies together. Sometimes my five year old will help me with dinner and my three year old will help serve it. If I don’t teach them these much needed life skills to feed themselves nobody will and they will be stuck buying pre made foods as adults or else having to learn everything off of the internet as an adult like I had to. I want better for my girls than I had growing up.
  3. I am a work at home mom. My girls will always be able to count on me to be home with them. I can watch all of their firsts. I can help them with their homework, and cook dinner for them every night. I love this quality time I have with my girls and would not trade it for the world.
  4. Dance parties. If we are all getting too stressed out I will turn on my girls’ favorite song Crazy Frog on loud enough for them to hear it, and we will have a dance party. It will make everyone happy again and help promote a stress free home. This is especially helpful if my husband will be home any minute because he deserves peace and quiet when he gets home from his stressful day at work. Plus the girls are in a great mood and ready to give him his get home hugs and kisses. (Yes this is actually a daily thing in our home and I love it!)
  5. I allow creativity! My five year old daughter is a very creative girl. She comes up with her own outfits and hairstyles every day. Some of these outfits are quite colorful and not quite perfectly matching, to the level that some other moms may change their kids’ clothes. I just let her wear what she wants as long as it still looks somewhat ok. I don’t want to squash her creative spirit, and she goes to school with a smile on her face.
  6. Books- I read to my girls every night. I usually read their library books right before bed twice during the week. Every other night of the week they pick out one book each and I read it to them. I believe that reading is very important and a great way for them to gain knowledge at a very early age. If they begin reading early hopefully they will keep those habits throughout their lives.
  7. Play- I play with my girls every day for at least a half hour. I put a spin on it though, that they don’t really realize. I make the games educational. I have my 5 year old write a story of her own and read it to her sister. I also write my own story to read to both of them. Another big thing for us to play with together is play dough. It makes both girls be creative with their hands and keeps their brain busy.
  8. Crafts- Crafting is good for the soul. It helps you relax after having a bad day. If my five year old daughter is having an extremely hard day after school we hug and then do a craft together as a family. We like to make heart people, play dresses, and paper snowflakes. There are tons of other crafts we do but these are the most common ones.
  9. Passions- As a mom I never gave up my passion to write. I write all the time weather in my head planning, typing on the computer, or on paper. It keeps me calm and gives me something to be excited about every day. It helps me not go over the edge screaming at my girls when I have a bad day. We all have our own bad days at moms but how we handle them is what counts.
  10. Stepmom- I am a supportive stepmom I my 20 and 26 year old stepkids. I am very close in age to my stepson so it is more like a brother and sister bond with him but I am still very supportive of both of my stepkids. My girls love when they visit and I love the fact that I can carry on the support in life that my own stepmom gave me growing up even though we were someone close in age. It just makes me feel great to be following in her wonderful footsteps and I love how much she taught me about life, and how it turns out good if you just keep a positive attitude.


This is what I thought of when I searched myself for my good qualities of why I rock as a mom. We all have our good qualities but these are mine. These are the things I try to hold true to in the good times and the bad.  If I stop doing one of these it feels like my life is out of whack and I go right back to it, it is my rhythm of life. I hope my girls one day look back and appreciate all the things I do for them as I look back at my own mom and stepmom and appreciate everything they did for me.