Meal plan January 31st- Feb 6th

This meal plan is going to be all comfort foods. My rotator cuff in my shoulder is causing me severe trouble right now. I have to go in for an mri soon if it doesn’t get better. This is so hard with a 22 month old and four year old. I am making it through though. I just have to carry each of them a whole lot less. I also have to do less housework. Less doing the dishes yay! Less carrying my girls that is not so fun. Well I will see how it goes.

Sunday- Chili, fritos,
Monday- Mess, garlic bread
Tuesday- Pork chops, mac & cheese
Wednesday- fajitas, taco dip, spanish rice
Thursday- General Tso chicken, brown rice
Friday- Pulled pork sandwiches, potatoes, gravy
Saturday- Brats, (homemade potato dumplings if I feel up to it) otherwise mac and cheese.


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