My PCOS Journey

PCOs Polystic Ovary Syndrom is a silent disease among women in child rearing age. It is a silent killer because most women don’t even realisze they have it. I didn’t realize I had it until my period was uncontrollable two weeks ago. Since then I have learned so much about this disease in the last two weeks since I started noticing the symptoms. I have the diagnosis to all of my problems now.

Instead of just listing a ton of facts about the disease I will tell my story.

I started my period at age eleven just like my mom and they are so painful for both of us. I would have to come home from school because I had such bad period cramps. Ibuprofen and tylenol didn’t even touch it at all. It was terrible and it just kept the same and never got better. It stayed this way for years.

After I got married I tried to have babies right away. I had to try for a good three years before it happened. I thought it would never happen and it was so hard on me. I always thought everyone else is having babies why can’t I? Luckily my second daughter would require only almost two years of trying. I am still trying for my third and have been for two years now.

Right now I having terrible periods that some of your read about in my last post. I don’t know if it will ever completely get better but there are medicines and diets that make it feel a little bit better at least. I need to eat very little sugar because it is not very good on my body at all. I try to not eat any deserts while still giving them to my family. If I eat sugar I feel very anxious and grumpy and it is not fun at all. If I don’t eat right I may get diabetes 2 one day.

This is just my story with pcos. There are a lot more people that have it as well however it is a reletively unknown disease and there is very little funding for it’s cure. For more pcos information check out pcos gurl on twitter. Right now there is  a #lemonfacechallenge going on to get funding and awareness for this terrible disease.


Taking care of your family while you are sick

I have been very sick recently. My period came and has been with me for the last two weeks. I know this is not normal but I can’t go to the doctors until this week. I have just been waiting for it to go away. I have no idea what is causing this and I am getting very worried. However while I am worried I still have my two little girls to take care of.

I have been cleaning a whole lot instead of sitting there worrying. There is nothing more stress relieving for me than cleaning. I have also had my daughters help me clean. My four year old is learning the responsibility of trying to keep her own room clean and my two year old is just following me around helping with chores.

I have been cooking as clean as I can hoping that eating healthy will help me get healthy again. Also we have lots of other sensitive diets in our home that thrive on us eating well.

We have also been playing outside lots because it is summer and I don’t want my girls to miss out on summer fun. They are riding their bikes a ton and it really saves on bedtime battles.

Thank you for reading this.