The perfect doll Blanket + toddler homemaking tips

      My Daisy is a super nurturing two-year-old with amazing homemaking skills. She walks around and hugs everyone all the time. She loves to cuddle. She also loves to take care of her baby dolls, especially her Baby Alive doll she so affectionately named Elsa.

She takes care of her doll all day long from getting her dressed in the morning all the way down to putting her to bed at night. She is such a good little mommy to her doll. She always has had clothes and diapers for it. However, she was missing one major thing for her. A blanket for her little baby doll to sleep with. She would beg for one every night. We used small sized towels but it was not the same thing as a real blanket.

Then one day I found the perfect one on Etsy. It was made by an amazing mother and daughter business called KraftsbyAngandLiz. They make amazing doll clothes and doll blankets that are extremely high quality. As soon as you touch the blanket you will wish that it was a full sized blanket. The blanket is super soft, cuddly, and just perfect for your little one to wrap their doll in and cuddle it all through the night. There is one thing that makes it even more of a perfect fit, though. It has the Elsa character on it. So she has an Elsa character blanket for her little doll that she named Elsa. She is completely happy with this blanket and it made a perfect early birthday gift for my sweet little girl.

If you want a super nurturing child with homemaking skills here are some tips.

  1. Show them a great example if you are nurturing to them then chances are they will be nurturing to others because it is just a natural behavior to them. Give them lots of hugs and kisses.
  2. Let them help you clean. Let them follow you and do dishes, laundry, cook dinner, and other homemaking skills. The more they learn now the more likely they will grow up to be able to be a good wife and mother in the future because it will come natural to them. My little Daisy helps me with all of the above on a regular basis. She is learning how to fold laundry right now and tries to learn more daily.
  3. Let them have one doll that is more important to them then all of the rest. If you give them limited toy options they will be more likely to feel that they are special. As soon as she got her Baby Alive I only kept on other dolls out and put the others in the closet. She now uses the doll she affectionately named Elsa exclusively. As soon as we get done cleaning for the day she goes to her play kitchen and “teaches” her doll how to do all of the homemaking skills I just taught her. It makes for great practice.

      So if you want to teach your little girl homemaking skills there is still a way to do it in today’s world. You just need to work on it daily and have a lot of patience. I know it is God’s will for my little girls to have these skills no matter how they choose to use them in the future.