A great routine for school success (DITL of a 5 year old)


My Bobbie is very creative and takes a long time to get things accomplished because she wants to add her personal touch to everything. She starts her getting ready for school routine the night before like many children.

4 pm- Homework Time. She always has some kind of homework. Whether it is a simple day counting to 100, or a harder day consisting or reading a book and doing a worksheet. She does it all right before dinner so she doesn’t have to worry about getting it done all night.

4:15 pm- Daddy’s Home- She always gives him a big hug when he gets home, and they talk for a few minutes. They play together if she has all of her homework done. They love playing video games together on his computer. World of Warcraft is their game of choice.

5 pm- Dinner is done. We pray and teach her her some kind or a moral lesson at dinner, tonight it is how she is supposed to protect her little sister and not fight with her. She starts leading the conversation talking about games they can play together and say she loves us all so much.

5:30 pm- Bath time. She uses her favorite bubble bath that was custom made for her. It is a pink cotton candy scented bubble bath. She also uses her favorite shampoo and body wash She splashes and relaxes with her little sister.

6:00 pm- Out of the bath she picks out her clothes for the next day. I do this so I have time to make sure her outfit is school appropriate while she is sleeping so there is less arguing in the morning. She watches a video or two after this if she has time. She really likes surprise eggs, and my little pony.

6:30 pm- Lights out! She needs a lot of sleep at night or she is very grumpy in the morning. (Oops my fault, she is just like me when I was a kid.) She will sleep until 6:30 am if her little sister does not wake her up. She cuddles with her favorite teddy bear she has constantly held on to since she was 9 months old. She got it from her great grandpa.

6:25 am- I turn her favorite music Crazy Frog on her tv. This gets her to wake up happily.

6:30 am- She puts her outfit on and gives her little sister morning hugs.

6:35 am- It is time for her to put on her favorite accessories. She loves her custom made necklace. It is pink and sparkly just like her cheerful personality. She also uses her lip gloss, children’s perfume, and lotion. They all are custom made and smell like cotton candy. All accessories were made by Divinely Inspired by Nicole and are super high quality, and extremely durable. My two-year-old has the same things and are all safe for her and she hasn’t broken her necklace yet after a whole month.

6:45 am My precious Bobbiesue helps little Daisy May pick out her clothes for the day. I try to down a cup of coffee at this time. This is pretty much their morning play time. After they pick the outfit out I get Daisy dressed.

7:00 am- Both girls get their snow pants, coats, hats, and gloves on. This winter has been crazy cold here in Wisconsin. I need to make sure both girls are super bundled up before getting into the warmed up car to get to the bus stop.

7:10 Get in the car and head to school super excited about the upcoming school day.

I hope this gives you a little insight into her life and how we keep her home from school time as fun and productive as possible. Her life is full of love, cuddles, and lots of learning.

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9 thoughts on “A great routine for school success (DITL of a 5 year old)

  1. motherhoodtherealdeal says:

    Wow I was about to say amazing – 6.30pm bedtime!! but then I realised she does need to be up and out quite early so that entirely makes sense – kids really do need their sleep and our little is the same…12 hours is a must! Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub lovely xoxo


  2. The Mum Project says:

    Sounds like a very nice routine. That’s so cute she plays world of Warcraft with her dad. I have a somewhat similar routine, although me and my boyfriend will switch off who does what each night. Lovely post, I like getting to know what other people do for their bed time routines. : ) Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!


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