3 Ways I make my daughters feel beautiful every day.



It is very hard to be a five-year-old in today’s society. They are not quite a big girl yet, but not a preschooler anymore either. They are trying to find themselves and who they want to be. This is also when the first think about their appearances.

I can not forget a couple of months ago when my beautiful 5-year-old daughter came to home declaring she is ugly. It made my heart so sad for her instantly. I had not planned for this to happen for a few more years. I had to think of something to do for her and quick. I did her hair the way she wanted me to with two buns on the sides of her head and curled her bangs. I also did her nails and applied children’s lip gloss to her little lips. Then I told her to tell herself she was beautiful in the mirror five times. She had a smile from ear to ear. I am going to share three ways to make your little girl believe she is beautiful. Her little sister often follows her around trying to do these things too.

1.) Encourage her to tell herself she is beautiful.

My little Bobbie and I do this every morning before school. She leaves the house feeling confident and beautiful every day before school. I truly believe this will help her make more friends, and be more successful in school overall.

2.) Give them the freedom to discover themselves.

I used to pick all of her clothes for her and demand she wore them. This did not work at all and only made her unhappy with her appearance. Now I let her wear whatever she wants within reason. We found out together that she loves lip gloss, dresses, and wearing the color pink. Her little sister loves wearing her Lambie shirt, and hats right now. This is a really fun journey that gives us quality time together as she tries to discover her style.

3.) Let them experiment with fun products.

My daughter loves cotton candy so she got tons of products in that scent. They include body wash, shampoo/ conditioner, lotion, and lip gloss. I will talk about the awesome products in my next post in this series. They are all safe for children of all ages.

I hope this gives you an idea of how to help your sweet little girl feel beautiful. I know it helped mine a lot, and maybe it will brighten your daughter’s day as well. Every little girl deserves to feel as cute as they really are.

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14 thoughts on “3 Ways I make my daughters feel beautiful every day.

  1. thismumslife says:

    Oh how sad, that she came home thinking she was ugly, at 5 years old… I don’t think I gave too much thought to my appearance, and worries of being unnstractive, until I was about 14-it just goes to show how much earlier these messages are being forced upon our children. I love the ways that you’ve found to help your daughters feel beautiful-you must’ve had loads of fun doing them together! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink


  2. tootingmama says:

    So true. My girl now wants boys clothes and we’re all cool with that. I just want her to feel confident and happy with herself – that’s all that matters. We’re giving perfectionism the boot! #bigpinklink


  3. The Mum Project says:

    Cotton candy lip gloss sounds amazing! I can’t believe that even at five years old theyre already feeling low self esteem from the media / outside world. Makes me angry! These techniques are great and will definitely be using them for my future daughter. Thanks for sharing with #stsyclassymama!


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