Mealgarden supports bloggers

I know that fellow bloggers spend tons of time thinking of, writing, and spreading their content. Their blogs are their hobbies or sometimes even full time jobs that they constantly are working on. They want their content to be protected and the credit to be given to them if it is shared by others. Food bloggers spend even more time because they need to work on and alter recipes, photograph food, and perfect their recipes before they even start writing the post.

I am an avid user of mealgarden. I am one of their most active bootcampers. I was recently asked by my bootcamp advisor why I and other users are not sending in recipes by email, because it is one of her favorite parts of the app. I told her that I didn’t know if the blogger was getting credit for their recipes people sent in. She said that other users share this view. She assured me that on the bottom of the page on every recipe is the source of the recipe and it lists the blog it came from on every single post that comes from a blog. So rest assured bloggers will be getting the credit due to them.

I think this is actually a great way to spread word for food blogs and recipes. It will have your link on the bottom of the page and they have a great recipe finder and it provides nutrtional information as well. It is a great way to get nutitional information added to blog recipes without doing a ton of extra work. I hope other bloggers will start using this tool and getting the attention they deserve with this app. They truly appreciate all of their users and even train them of how to use their app with the bootcamp they offer. I hope to see other bloggers on the app and in the bootcamp soon. The bootcamp sign up link is at MealGarden.


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