3 Ways I make my daughters feel beautiful every day.



It is very hard to be a five-year-old in today’s society. They are not quite a big girl yet, but not a preschooler anymore either. They are trying to find themselves and who they want to be. This is also when the first think about their appearances.

I can not forget a couple of months ago when my beautiful 5-year-old daughter came to home declaring she is ugly. It made my heart so sad for her instantly. I had not planned for this to happen for a few more years. I had to think of something to do for her and quick. I did her hair the way she wanted me to with two buns on the sides of her head and curled her bangs. I also did her nails and applied children’s lip gloss to her little lips. Then I told her to tell herself she was beautiful in the mirror five times. She had a smile from ear to ear. I am going to share three ways to make your little girl believe she is beautiful. Her little sister often follows her around trying to do these things too.

1.) Encourage her to tell herself she is beautiful.

My little Bobbie and I do this every morning before school. She leaves the house feeling confident and beautiful every day before school. I truly believe this will help her make more friends, and be more successful in school overall.

2.) Give them the freedom to discover themselves.

I used to pick all of her clothes for her and demand she wore them. This did not work at all and only made her unhappy with her appearance. Now I let her wear whatever she wants within reason. We found out together that she loves lip gloss, dresses, and wearing the color pink. Her little sister loves wearing her Lambie shirt, and hats right now. This is a really fun journey that gives us quality time together as she tries to discover her style.

3.) Let them experiment with fun products.

My daughter loves cotton candy so she got tons of products in that scent. They include body wash, shampoo/ conditioner, lotion, and lip gloss. I will talk about the awesome products in my next post in this series. They are all safe for children of all ages.

I hope this gives you an idea of how to help your sweet little girl feel beautiful. I know it helped mine a lot, and maybe it will brighten your daughter’s day as well. Every little girl deserves to feel as cute as they really are.

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My Favorite Christmas Presents for Two year olds

Two-year-olds are very cute and full of adventure. Playing with everything in site. However, they are so busy that finding a great Christmas present they will actually play with for a long time day after day may be quite difficult. I have some great ideas for you today that my two-year-old daughter actually plays with.


1.) Tree slice wooden lacing toy

This toy is amazing. My daughter loves to play with it for about an hour every day. It was a little hard to lace in the beginning but now she laces it pretty quickly and is now beginning to make a tower with the pieces and then stack the pieces off of her tower. The benefits of this great product include.

  • Great wood scent- provides a sensory experience like being out in nature.
  • Helps with learning fine motor skills
  • Is of great quality. The pieces are nice and smooth.
  • Perfect size for little hands.




2.) Heart tic tac toe game

She loves to play this game with her big sister. It provides great quality time with her sister. It also helps her learn to think when she has to decide where to place her pieces. The benefits of this great product are.

  • Heart shape looks so cute enticing my little girls to play with the pieces
  • Builds decision-making skills as they decide where to place the pieces
  • Great size for little hands.
  • Helps my girls spend quiet time together.

Yes, I picked two handmade items off of etsy. I love buying from small businesses. It really helps the owners make money and provide for their families. You should really consider buying from small businesses if you don’t currently. They spend a lot of time and give a ton of love to each product they make and it shows in their product quality.





The link between bipolar and sugar


The link between bipolar and sugar.

A shocking discovery

I have noticed that myself and a lot of other people with bipolar depression have been struggling this time of year. The main reason is they are eating too much sugar, and then staying inside and not exercising because it is getting colder outside.

I personally have been getting grumpier and my medicine is not working the way it once did. I just realized while getting my husband a couple of mini candy bars out of the cabinet that I have been eating too much sugar and it was the reason why I was so grumpy. I couldn’t believe that something so small was making me so grumpy. It was though, there are astounding facts out there about the link of diet and bipolar depression.  

What sugar does to the bipolar mind

It can stop medications from working effectively. These medicines keep people with bipolar stable, and heaving healthy lives. This is not good at all.

It can also make it hard to keep weight off. People will actually gain weight from sugar. It is also addictive so once one piece is eaten it is very hard to stay away from eating another. This is very dangerous especially for people that should not be having a lot of sugar.

Parenting Issues

Sugar can block antidepressants from working. Now I know why I was so unhappy and about to punch something. It wasn’t the fact that my five year old was yelling at me, or my two year old wouldn’t go to bed. The problem was that I ate sugar, and now my pills didn’t work.

I kept myself from yelling at them as much as I could. However my two year old would not go to bed. She knew something was wrong and her daddy had to put her to bed. I need to focus on my girls and take care of myself for them. They should never have to realize that mommy has an issue so now I am getting grumpy at them.

Diet Changes

Right now I am totally staying away from candy bars. I am also drinking tons of water, instead of any pop. I am still having my coffee though. The amount needs to be greatly reduced though.

I am now finding out other things about the bipolar diet. There is an actual way bipolar people are supposed to eat. I had bipolar my whole life and I had no idea about this. I will now be working on writing bipolar meal plans for this blog. I hope I can affect somebody else that is on the same journey as me.


Simple Comfort Food Meal plan

This weekend was absolutely crazy in my house. First, it was apple mania. I processed 6 pounds of apples. I made two loaves of apple bread and a double batch of apple sauce.

Then on Sunday it was supposed to be day 2 of apple mania but I got super sick. I still am I have the chills, coughs, and everything hurts so badly that I want to cry. However, life has to go on. I am a mom to my girls and they need me.

This week is going to be a week full of healthy comfort food in my house. The comfort food is also going to be very frugal food so anyone can afford to do this meal plan.

I have some great blog posts that will be out soon I just really need to get better first so just bear with me on this little blogging break. I will be gone for a few more days and then will be posting a lot more.


  • French toast
  • Smoothies with strawberry yogurt, and frozen strawberries- I just mix about 2 cups of yogurt, 6 strawberries, and a cup of milk together in the blender. It comes out so good. My 2-year-old will eat these any time of day!
  • Muffins
  • Pancakes and sausage on the weekend


  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
  • Tuna Sandwiches
  • Leftovers
  • Possibly smoothies


  • Apple Bread
  • Peanuts
  • Applesauce
  • Apples


  • Roast beef sandwiches, with white bread, and homemade mac and cheese
  • Pizza
  • Grilled Cheese and cream of mushroom soup
  • quesadillas (with sour cream), tortilla chips, and salsa
  • baked chicken with mashed potatoes
  • chili and cornbread
  • Pulled chicken sandwiches, and chips


  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Apple Crisp
  • Apple Bread
  • (Possibly) Apple Pie

This lists included my favorite comfort foods. I hope everyone tries at least one because everyone needs to be able to take a break and eat some good food sometimes.


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How your husband can maximize your freelance career

rustic-heart-clipart-rustic-chalkboard-heart-p50lmy-clipart-1It takes a lot of time and energy to be a freelance writer. Throw kids in the mix you are even busier. Sometimes your husband gets ignored in the process. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are simple ways for him to help with your blossoming career.

An Extra Set of Eyes

Without editing and revising your writing project will not reach it’s full potential. Wouldn’t another set of eyes improve your post. Well having the one person who knows you the best in the world would really help you. They could come up with some great content you never thought to add and make your project really soar.

Enlist in Help

There are many post ideas that you two could work on together. Posts about your family, meal planning posts, and product reviews are all things you two could work on together.

A supportive Hand

Computer not working right and lagging maybe they could help you fix it. If anything they could help you calm down and help it not be such a serious problem.
Kids being too loud? Maybe they could put them to bed that night. Surprise! Dads love to spend time with their kids as well. They love to see their kid’s adorable sleeping faces.

Brain Breaks

How about a romantic candlelit dinner before working on your project. I know it doesn’t leave a lot of time for intimacy but it is still a very romantic time together. It also saves some really fun ideas for bed time.

How about a family walk. Hold hands with your husband while walking. This is a quick idea and also gives you exercise that will actually gives you energy.

An Appealing Look

You already need to look professional for skype calls, blog post pictures, or meetings. Why not throw professional clothes on every day. Every husband has their own professional styles they like to see. They know you best so their advice often makes you look your best. Makeup, Certain Colors, or jewelry are all some ideas on how to touch this up.

A Great Life

These ideas should hopefully make your love life and professional life better. I have a challenge starting November 1st to help all of us have a better marriage. Together we will share ideas, and support all while reinvigorating our marriages, and freelancing lives.


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How to repair a broken candle, in 5 easy steps.

Candle Love

I love burning candles. It makes the house smell so wonderful. We burn them all the time pretty much around the clock in my house.

An adorably small problem

As much as I love to smell them my two year old loves to rip them apart. It is something about playing with the wax. I think she thinks it is playdoh in a jar or something.

Repairing the problem

It is really easy to repair a broken candle.

1.) Put the wax that has been pulled out back in the jar.

2.) Put the candle on the stove top.

3.) Wait until it has heated up a bit and the wax is melted.

4.) Make the wax stand back up.

5.) Let it cool off

When that is done you should have a functional candle again.


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Pieced Pastimes

I hate GMO food!

A normal life

Like everyone else as a teen I ate and drank whatever I wanted pop, and candy bars while doing homework. Eating out during lunch hour. My favorite place was Taco Johns. I pretty much ate crap food all of my teen life.

Stolen from me too soon.

I was hanging out with my then boyfriend He is my husband now. The phone rings and my dad told me my uncle died. It was hard enough, but I hadn’t seen him for years. Then the kicker came my grandma was diagnosed with stomach cancer and hadn’t told anyone for six months. It broke my heart to realize she was going through this all alone.

So I sat with her as often as I could just to get the remaining time with the wonderful woman who raised me and loved me unconditinally. She died just two month later. I planned to go the next morning not knowing she would pass away that night. I never got to say goodbye.

I later found out that the town she had moved to just one year prior had polluted fields with GMO seeds in them and had a huge cancer rate. She trusted everyone and never checked out the facts.

Strict Diet.

I try to always eat as organic as I can afford now. I hate GMOs with a passion. My daughters will only eat organic or from scratch food. I make tons of food from scratch. Many of the organic companies were bought out by big companies so I have to.

I have grown so much stronger since my grandma died. Both emotionally and physically. I wish every day that she could have met her great grand daughters, or even lived another decade to be 80, but no all of that was stolen from me. Some nights I cry myself to sleep missing her. Well tonight I am blogging and crying my eyes out.




My big break


I have been playing video games since I was 4. I played until I was 12. Then I stopped for a couple of years with middle school, and high school socializing. I started again when I was 19, and my now husband introduced my to World of Warcraft. Our first date was just sitting at his house playing the game.


I have been writing forever. I used to write stories all the time as a kid. Then it turned into blogging on kiwibox as a teen. Finally as mom I created this wonderful blog.

It all payed off

It is only in the begging stages, but if I do well on my test project I get a job on the Gamers Decide website. This is a huge video game news site. My first ever published article! This is my first ever publised article. I am so exicited!



My favorites for fall

twinkle toes shoes– These shoes. They are so cool expecially in the dark. I can see where my 5 year old is going. They are very useful and super sparkly so she is willing to wear them.

Frozen Fleece Lined Pants– Fleece lined pants for both girls. They kept them nice and warm during the harsh Wisconsin winters last year and they still fit so I am sure they will again.

Romans Road Decor– This sign is so cool because a good friend created it for her business. She has been into art her whole life and she finally created a business to support her family I am so proud of her.

Caramel Apple Candles– They smell so good. I love to burn candles. They make my house smell so good.

Crock pot meals- They are so easy so I can get tons of cleaning done during the day while my 5 year old is at school and I don’t have to worry about making dinner after.

This is just a list of some of my favorites for fall. I hope you guys enjoyed it.



Why my family eats together at the table

As a child, growing up my family rarely sat at the table together. I wish we did other families did it and their kids always seemed so much well adjusted to life. Once my dad and stepmom got together there were too many kids for us all to gather around the table. I will do it for my girls though. We just got our bigger house and my husband got the table he grew up eating at, as a gift from his mother. It is a big huge Ethan Allen table. I believe eating at the table is good for kids for a few different reasons;
1.) They can’t get away with not eating- My girls know that if they don’t eat dinner, then they won’t get dessert. If they throw a fit about this fact then they get to go to bed early that night. This actually works! My five year old just started eating meat. She still only eats a little bit but she will now try a bite of everything on her plate. Chicken was the biggest battle for her but she still tried it.
2.) We actually save on food bills- With my girls actually eating what they have on their plates they have a ton less room in their tummies for junk food. Gone are the days when they would beg for popcorn at night, or tried to have a third or fourth cup of milk at bed time.
3.) There is less tv watched at night- My husband and I ask my five year old about her day at school every night. She tells us about her day which normally includes a comment about new friends or what class she had that day music, gym, or art. Then she will ask her dad about any questions she has though of during the day. There has been so many things she has learned about so far this way like how to tie her shoes, and how to count to 20. If there has been any disciplinary issues to talk about with her about school we talk about it after dinner. Normally it is that she has been not high enough ranked on the clip chart at school and what she did that gave her a lower color. We make her do her homework before she gets to go and watch cartoons and maybe gets to watch one each night.
4.) It is a great place to play games- My church always had a game night with tons of food and litteraly played games for hours. Usually from 12 noon- 9pm, and I always wanted to be able to play games with my kids at the table when they got older because of that. Now we get to because my girls are old enough to do it. So much fun! We played our first game last Sunday and it was a money counting game. It was so fun to watch my little girl say aloud the name of the change piece and how much it was worth.
5.) It unifies the family. If you spend a lot of time together you are actually on the same page with each other and know what is going on in each other’s lives. It even helped my marriage because me and my husband are actually talking and not just going through the motions but not really talking to each other like we used to do before.
So if you don’t eat a the table as a family I challenge you to even for just a week. I bet it will improve the condition of your family relationships.