Too clean for their own good?


This picture was taken when my girls were 1 and a half and 4 while they were being over washed with store bought soap (notice the splotchy skin)

Many parents wash their children with soap too often. This can cause painfully dry and itchy skin. It can also prevent them from gaining access to immune system boosting bacteria.

Exposure to good bacteria can make small children healthy for the rest of their lives. Chronic diseases including allergies and asthma can be avoided due to these bacteria. However, if you use soap too often they will never be exposed to them and not be protected from these diseases. 

My girls used to take a shower with store bought soap four times a week. I thought I was keeping them clean and healthy. Instead, it caused itchy painful skin. As bad as that was it got worse. My youngest was diagnosed with pneumonia twice in that year once while she was just one and a half years old. She luckily recovered quickly and is doing great today. 


This is was taken about 4 months ago. Their skin is much healthier after using handmade soap two to three times a week.

If your children are a little bit dirty then they can bathe only using water. Let them play with their bath toys and splash and they are good to go. This will help them maintain their natural oils and beneficial bacteria.

If you must use soap, then use a handmade one. It contains glycerin that helps skin maintain moisture all day. This is better than store-bought varieties that dry skin out.

Huckleberry and Hobbs sell amazingly scented handmade soap. I love the sweet pea one. It keeps my girls’ skin stay super soft and smell so good all day. Perfect for both playtime and cuddle time! It also lasts for a long time due to the glycerin in the soap making extra bubbles. 

Handmade soap will make bath time much better. Your kids’ skin will be super moisturized. It could actually save you money. So next time you need to buy soap buy a handmade one and simplify your life.

10 thoughts on “Too clean for their own good?

    • caglechick87 says:

      I personally wouldn’t it is still really drying. I used to on the girls and it still dried them out. It is your choice though and you know you kids’ skin the best. Go with your instincts.


  1. PrettyMummaSays says:

    I have no choice but to use soap everyday on my kids. The weather here is so humid that they sweat all day. Great that you care for your kids so much.


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