How your husband can maximize your freelance career

rustic-heart-clipart-rustic-chalkboard-heart-p50lmy-clipart-1It takes a lot of time and energy to be a freelance writer. Throw kids in the mix you are even busier. Sometimes your husband gets ignored in the process. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are simple ways for him to help with your blossoming career.

An Extra Set of Eyes

Without editing and revising your writing project will not reach it’s full potential. Wouldn’t another set of eyes improve your post. Well having the one person who knows you the best in the world would really help you. They could come up with some great content you never thought to add and make your project really soar.

Enlist in Help

There are many post ideas that you two could work on together. Posts about your family, meal planning posts, and product reviews are all things you two could work on together.

A supportive Hand

Computer not working right and lagging maybe they could help you fix it. If anything they could help you calm down and help it not be such a serious problem.
Kids being too loud? Maybe they could put them to bed that night. Surprise! Dads love to spend time with their kids as well. They love to see their kid’s adorable sleeping faces.

Brain Breaks

How about a romantic candlelit dinner before working on your project. I know it doesn’t leave a lot of time for intimacy but it is still a very romantic time together. It also saves some really fun ideas for bed time.

How about a family walk. Hold hands with your husband while walking. This is a quick idea and also gives you exercise that will actually gives you energy.

An Appealing Look

You already need to look professional for skype calls, blog post pictures, or meetings. Why not throw professional clothes on every day. Every husband has their own professional styles they like to see. They know you best so their advice often makes you look your best. Makeup, Certain Colors, or jewelry are all some ideas on how to touch this up.

A Great Life

These ideas should hopefully make your love life and professional life better. I have a challenge starting November 1st to help all of us have a better marriage. Together we will share ideas, and support all while reinvigorating our marriages, and freelancing lives.


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8 thoughts on “How your husband can maximize your freelance career

  1. Ana Willis says:

    I love these ideas, Nicole! I definitely should include more my husband in my blogging life! He is very supportive and I’m sure he will be a great help. Love this! Thanks for linking up at #BlessedMOMdays!


  2. Melanie says:

    My husband wants to help me with my blog start up but I keep telling him there is really nothing he can do! I plan on sharing this with him! I especially love the candlelight dinner idea:)


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