How to repair a broken candle, in 5 easy steps.

Candle Love

I love burning candles. It makes the house smell so wonderful. We burn them all the time pretty much around the clock in my house.

An adorably small problem

As much as I love to smell them my two year old loves to rip them apart. It is something about playing with the wax. I think she thinks it is playdoh in a jar or something.

Repairing the problem

It is really easy to repair a broken candle.

1.) Put the wax that has been pulled out back in the jar.

2.) Put the candle on the stove top.

3.) Wait until it has heated up a bit and the wax is melted.

4.) Make the wax stand back up.

5.) Let it cool off

When that is done you should have a functional candle again.


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