I hate GMO food!

A normal life

Like everyone else as a teen I ate and drank whatever I wanted pop, and candy bars while doing homework. Eating out during lunch hour. My favorite place was Taco Johns. I pretty much ate crap food all of my teen life.

Stolen from me too soon.

I was hanging out with my then boyfriend He is my husband now. The phone rings and my dad told me my uncle died. It was hard enough, but I hadn’t seen him for years. Then the kicker came my grandma was diagnosed with stomach cancer and hadn’t told anyone for six months. It broke my heart to realize she was going through this all alone.

So I sat with her as often as I could just to get the remaining time with the wonderful woman who raised me and loved me unconditinally. She died just two month later. I planned to go the next morning not knowing she would pass away that night. I never got to say goodbye.

I later found out that the town she had moved to just one year prior had polluted fields with GMO seeds in them and had a huge cancer rate. She trusted everyone and never checked out the facts.

Strict Diet.

I try to always eat as organic as I can afford now. I hate GMOs with a passion. My daughters will only eat organic or from scratch food. I make tons of food from scratch. Many of the organic companies were bought out by big companies so I have to.

I have grown so much stronger since my grandma died. Both emotionally and physically. I wish every day that she could have met her great grand daughters, or even lived another decade to be 80, but no all of that was stolen from me. Some nights I cry myself to sleep missing her. Well tonight I am blogging and crying my eyes out.




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