My favorites for fall

twinkle toes shoes– These shoes. They are so cool expecially in the dark. I can see where my 5 year old is going. They are very useful and super sparkly so she is willing to wear them.

Frozen Fleece Lined Pants– Fleece lined pants for both girls. They kept them nice and warm during the harsh Wisconsin winters last year and they still fit so I am sure they will again.

Romans Road Decor– This sign is so cool because a good friend created it for her business. She has been into art her whole life and she finally created a business to support her family I am so proud of her.

Caramel Apple Candles– They smell so good. I love to burn candles. They make my house smell so good.

Crock pot meals- They are so easy so I can get tons of cleaning done during the day while my 5 year old is at school and I don’t have to worry about making dinner after.

This is just a list of some of my favorites for fall. I hope you guys enjoyed it.



10 thoughts on “My favorites for fall

  1. Topfivemum says:

    I love autumn and it gets me all excited too. Crock pot meals (assuming it’s a one pot meal) is the way forward for me in autumn and winter. Hey to less washing up, but I think it forces me to actually eat more vegetables, cook less and spend more time enjoying those Autumn walks. Enjoy! #StayClassyMama


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