How to be proactive while your new home is being renovated.

My family has been feeling very crowded in our two bedroom home. We found out about a three bedroom trailer in the same court that we could get pretty cheap due to it being a family friend’s family members. We were able to buy it and are currently renovating it. While my husband is working on it with his parents I am staying at home with the girls due to pain fumes. I am still being helpful during this wait time. This is a few ideas if you are waiting to get into your new home like we are.

1.) Keep the old house very clean so when it is time to move our you can. I honostly don’t know if I have days or weeks left to wait. It all depends on how long the renovations take. My father in law is a professional painter volunteering to do it all free, however we need to work with his problems due to pretty bad M.S. side effects.

2.) Show the old house. We are currently looking for a buyer for the old trailer, so we can pay off the loan for the new home very quickly. We have had a couple of offers come here and there but nothing is really locked in yet. There are things we will need to fix here and perfect before we actually get it sold.

3.) Eat down the level of food in our pantry using a pantry challenge. This helps us keep costs low to pay off our loan quicker, and also gives us less food to have to worry about packing up and moving. I have really picked up cooking from scratch again since the beginning of the challenge and that has been so fun and I am only currently cooking with basic ingredients, so it pretty much cut our grocery bill in half, and kept the cabinets pretty empty.

4.) Junk out stuff that you are not using anymore. Currently I have thrown away 3 bags of stuff we are not using anymore. We also filled up 2 bags of good stuff to donate to goodwill.

5.) Feed the people that are working on your new home. I like to bake cookies and give out snacks for my husband and his parents to eat while they work on the new home. They really appreciate it because there is no food in the new home yet. Sadly all of them need to eat regularly due to health problems. I figure since they are helping out with the new home it is my job to make sure they are all well fed.

6.) Box up stuff that you are not using daily. I have boxed many books and toys of my girl’s so far. This will make the actually moving day so much faster, and since they are not the toys that they play with every day they will not miss them much.

Even when my girls are not so little anymore I will still use these steps just to make future moves go easier. I hope these ideas help you if you are waiting to move into a new home you recently bought whatever the reason.



8 thoughts on “How to be proactive while your new home is being renovated.

  1. Emily Jividen says:

    Good ideas. The last time I moved I did none of these (was moving right after a C section) but before that I was pretty good about boxing up early and eating down the pantry. So many people end up living on takeout and junk food during a move, I’m sure that eating healthy helped a ton.


    • caglechick87 says:

      I have eaten healthy through both of my major moves so far. Both have been across town moves. The first one was when my youngest was 2 weeks old. Thank you for reading and commenting.


  2. DomesticatedMomster says:

    When we made our big move and had to sell our old house fast I made sure to just start packing up everything that wasn’t going to be used until after we got moved. We didn’t do any painting but had done a lot of other money saving things for the new showing. We sold the house after we ended up moving out. And pretty quickly thank goodness. Hope yours sells quickly. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink and I apologize for my delay in commenting as I am always behind in commenting. Hope to see you again this week Thurs-Sun!


    • caglechick87 says:

      We just found a buyer for our old house yesterday. Now I just need to do the final clean up. That is ok that it took you a while to comment. It took me a while to reply. I had no internet until today. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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