1 year blogging

Today is my one year blogiversary here on wordpress. I can’t believe how many different readers I got on here this year. I got 15 subscribers so far. I also got more page views than I though to would get a grand total of 863.   I had so much fun with two different sponsorships by two very cool companies Mealgarden and Baker Creek Seeds. It was so fun and I can’t wait to start blogging again after a summer hiatus I spent to hang out with my girls. I can’t wait to make my very special announcement of a very special event in my family’s lives. I will announce that tomorrow and it will be so cool and have lots of different blog posts about it. So thank you for all the support this first year of my blog and keep looking for new updates.


14 thoughts on “1 year blogging

    • caglechick87 says:

      Thank you. The key is to not overdo yourself or you will end up getting bored of it I wrote a post weekly every day but then took a summer break off to spend time with my girls. Now I am fully charged and ready to blog daily.


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