Tips for getting an overtired toddler to sleep

So about a month ago Daisy started stepping out of her crib. I just kind of put her in there after she fell asleep, knowing how hard falling asleep is after she is free. I wanted her to get the most sleep she could. That only lasted for two weeks.
Now she is free and sleeping in her big girl bed but it has not came easily. She is very overtired sometimes and fights sleep and the last two weeks have been very hard on both of us. I do have a few tips to make it easier for others in our situation though.
The first one is to stay calm. Getting all worked up is never good for you or your child. I stay calm by drinking cold water if I get upset it about instantly calms me down. I drink an extra cup of coffee if I need to for extra energy and to not get whiney.
The second is to give them lots of cuddles. It will help them calm down and feel loved. Besides they are getting bigger and you can’t get those precious hugs back when the get bigger. I love hugging my Daisy girl.
The next one I read books to her to try to keep her attention and keep her still without watching tv. I love books over tv they are so much more comforting.
The next thing if they are still not asleep is a small snack to fill their little tummies. Cheese and crackers or fruit with water are snacks I love to give her before bed. Both are pretty healthy.
The last tip is if they are still not asleep is to give them a nice relaxing bubble bath and let them burn off some energy for a while. This will also give you a break to recouperate and calm yourself down from working on putting a little one to sleep for so long. After bathtime repeat the cycle until they fall asleep.
Good luck to everyone who is along with me in this stage of toddler life. I hope these tips helped.

2 thoughts on “Tips for getting an overtired toddler to sleep

  1. min1980 says:

    Good tips. How old is your little one? Piglet is almost 21 months and I gave up on cribs ages ago. He now just sleeps in with me, but at some point he is going to have to go into his own bed and I have no idea how he will take to it. I may have to revisit this page! Thanks for linking up to #StayClassy


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