Piercings and Tatoos.

The only piercings I have on my body are my ears pierced. I still want to get the cartilige in my ear pieced but I haven’t eat I just always thought it looked pretty cool.

I don’t have any tatoos yet but I am kind of thinking of getting one with a heart and my husband’s initials in it. I am also thinking about getting one for each of my girls. I am super scared of how much it would hurt though and that is currently holding me back. I think I will go through with it someday though.


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10 thoughts on “Piercings and Tatoos.

  1. Savannah (@HowHesRaised) says:

    I actually pierced my cartilage myself, and it wasn’t bad at all. That was when I was in high school, and I still wear earrings there to this day (:
    I have one tattoo on my wrist, and it wasn’t painful at all. It was almost like a cat scratch, and I’ll definitely be getting more in the future! #StayClassy


  2. Candace Guiducci says:

    I have a tattoo on the top of my foot – it was quick – 20 minutes, but really painful because there’s no body fat there. Just something to think about. Body fat helps to make it less painful, BUT, since it’s a fatty area, it could stretch and distort over time. I love tattoos – you should get one! #StayClassy


  3. The Mum Project says:

    I have my cartilage pierced and it hurt a bit, although I don’t remember that well as it was when I was in high school. I really want to get a tattoo, I always think if you have given birth then getting a tattoo probably isn’t that bad!!! Haha thanks for linking up with #StayClassy!


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