Meal plan April 3rd- 10th

This week has been pretty calm around my house. I have been getting tons of chores done. I actually have the laundry and dishes, and fridge cleaning caught up at the same time for once. It is pretty awesome.

My little Bobbiesue (4 year old) is getting her first piece of mail this week. It is going to be a letter from her best friend Ben. He is her best friend in school but he lives in another town. She will be super excited.

My little Daisy is currently experimenting with learning to sneak out of her crib. She can only do it when she has a lot of energy though. So the toddler bed will go up this weekend.

This weekend we didn’t do a whole lot other than grocery shopping and cleaning the house as a family but it was still pretty fun.

This week there are a lot of comfort foods in my meal plan because it is still snowing and cold here this week. It is like mother nature doesn’t quite realize it is supposed to be spring. Whatever happened to April showers bring spring flowers?

Sunday- pork loin, scalloped potatoes, rolls

Monday- slow cooker chicken tacos

Tuesday- stuffed peppers

Wednesday- mess

Thursday- burgers, jojos, sugar cookies

Friday- blt snack wraps, jojos

Saturday- Meatloaf, potatoes, gravy and mushrooms


meal plan monday

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