Happy Birthday Daisy

It is my little girl’s 2nd birthday today. She is my cute and relaxed bookworm. She loves to color and draw already a lot. She is definitely a thinker she thinks about what she does before she does things. It is so cute to watch her think of her little plans. She is a helper giving her big sister a milk cup too if she gets milk, carries her sisters teddy bear to her, and if somebody needs something just ask her and she will help with it.

Today she got jelly beans for a snack, veggies for breakfast, and got to watch yo gabba gabba with me holding her. I am not quite sure what she wants to do today because she doesn’t talk much yet but I think coloring, and playing with little people will be happening today. Not much for a party today though. That is all saved for her big family party on Saturday. Of course it will be pink and purple daisy flower themed. I can’t wait to share the party review with all of you. So I hope all of you have a great day, and I will go and have fun with my little Daisy girl.

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