Meal plan Feb 16th- 23rd

This weekend was so sweet and fun. It was Valentines Day weekend for most people. In my family it was one very sweet step up from that. It was  8th my anniversary on Sunday. Yes we were married on Valentines Day just like his parents and grandparents were. We were married at the place my parents were married. It is so symbolic and sweet to be following in both of their footsteps, and really helped start our marriage right.

Sunday was also my husband’s grandson’s 4th birthday. We had tons of fun seeing family there. So Sunday was a very fun and relaxing day. We had one little setback though. I had hit the snow filled curb last night. I know I had a little crack in the front end. I guess the collision was hard enough for the seat belt to deploy without coming out so now my car has no air bag. That is what my husband found out when he used a code tester to figure out why the airbag light was always on. The car is perfectly fine though so it kind of irritates me. Other than that the whole weekend was perfect.

Sunday- Steaks, baked potatoes, biscuits, sugar cookies, cake

Monday- Kielbasa, Brown Rice, Cabbage

Tuesday- Steak fajitas, spanish rice, tortilla chips

Wednesday- Baked chicken, biscuits, corn

Thursday- sunbird general tso chicken packet, rice

Friday- pulled pork, mac and cheese

Saturday- chicken, bacon, ranch sandwiches, jojo potatoes

Menu Plan Monday

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