Meal Plan February 7th- 14th

This week has been crazy around here. First off this weekend I was cleaning for my daughter to have her parent teacher conferences here at home. Then I gave my eye a paper cut. I could hardly see all weekend. Not fun. I did have a nice relaxing weekend with my daughters and my husband though. My eye injury forced me to settle down and relax. Something I really don’t do often. I did really enjoy it though. Just hugging, kissing, and talking to everyone more instead of cleaning so much was so fun.

On Saturday we had a ton of fun just shoveling snow. We taught Daisy how to shovel too. It was so cute. She is 23 months and she was actually shoveling. Bobbie not so much she just wanted to play in the snow on the swing set until we made her babysit her sister by pulling her on the sled so we could do some winter maintenance on our cars.

On Sunday was of course the Superbowl. I am major football fanatic so yesterday was so fun. I am super happy that the Broncos won and Peyton Manning got to go out on top with a Superbowl victory. Yay. I always liked Peyton. He is such a team player and always finds the positives in every situation. So it was pretty cool to see him win a Superbowl.

Sunday- Chili, fritos, little debbie brownies

Monday- Tacos (Cleaned house all day 8am-10pm?? (still not done))

Tuesday- Kielbasa+ Cabbage , Brown rice, Caramel Apple Cobbler

Wed- Baked Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, leftover cobbler

Thursday- Pulled pork, corn, leftover biscuits

Friday- pulled pork sandwiches with gravy over bread, w/ mashed potatoes, sugar cookies

Saturday- Sunbird general tso chicken packet, brown rice, leftover sugar cookies

Linking up to menu plan monday

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