My favorite Books for young childen

My Daisy’s (22 months) favorite book list

  1. The very hungry caterpillar. She loves this book it is so colorful, fun and educational. It teaches her the different types of foods there are out there. It also teaches her how to count. I love how bright and colorful the pictures are.
  2. Guess how much I love you– Bright colorful pictures are a must in a book for her and they are in this book. It also teaches her how much I love her. I love to read this book to her before bed.
  3. This isn’t my teddy bear. I love the different textures thought in this book. Shiny, rough, woolly and some other textures are in it. She loves to touch the different textures. She loves to look at the book on her own all the time.


My Bobbie’s favorite Book (4 year old) list

  1. The little mouse, the big bear and the big red strawberry. This book has bright colors, Solves problems, and also contains strawberries, her favorite fruit. She loves this book so much I had to read it over and over.
  2. Any of the Disney five minute stories. She loves Disney princesses, expecially Frozen’s Anna and Elsa. Right now she is reading the frozen one.
  3. Daddy’s Jeep Ranger/ Ford Bronco II instruction manual by Haynes. She is a very mechanical girl and loves helping daddy fix his vehicle. I was actually surprised that she will actually listen to her daddy talk about vehicle problem solving for an hour on end some nights. Some quality daddy/ daughter time right there. Me and baby sister listen in too sometimes.


5 thoughts on “My favorite Books for young childen

  1. rhymingwithwine says:

    I’m taking note of the four year old recommendations as I’m always looking out for her next favourite book (She’s 3 now).

    Thanks for these x


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