Why I will be gardening in 2016

Being a stay at home mom with my husband working twelve hours days makes me want  to live as frugally as possible. The fact that his body hurts every day from working so hard makes me want to spend as little money as I can and get this family living a sustainable lifestyle so that he can work less hours, and his shoulders can stop hurting so badly.

I still have to go to the grocery store for meats because we live in town, but I can do something about not having to buy vegetables, and some fruits. This would be a huge savings in our budget and something we can do every year. I really wanted to do this last year. However my Daisy got sick with a summer long sinus infection and was teething all the time so I could not invest my time in the garden. I needed to keep her as comfortable and happy as possible. My Bobbie was very excited to help out but we just did little bits here and there to let her have some outside time. Nothing actually grew or was seeded we just weeded the garden out.

This year I am super excited to start doing it and am starting to get an idea of how time demanding but fun it is actually going to be. My goals are to plant tomatoes, lettace, strawberries, cucumbers, onions, and peppers. One variety of each thing. I will probably expand it in the future. My garden bed is covered in snow right now, but it is never to early to start planning.

This is a multi part series. Next week I will talk about seed catalogs. Thank you for reading.





7 thoughts on “Why I will be gardening in 2016

  1. Heather Jacobs says:

    This sounds great I love gardening and have two kids myself things can get in the way and make it difficult. But when you bring in your 1st harvest it feels great and taste better then the store stuff. Thanks for sharing on Home and Garden.

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    • caglechick87 says:

      I am so excited, and I plan to have both girls helping me this year so they can have a hands on experience with growing food. Your welcome. I am just happy to be joining the link up, hopefully this will be a weekly thing.



  2. Just Plain Marie says:

    Gardening is wonderful, and you will love it, I think. This year I am expanding my garden to help provide vegetables for the people in our church. It’s a scary big undertaking.

    Thank you so much for sharing your plans with us at The Blogger’s Pit Stop
    Marie, Blogger’s Pit Stop crew

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    • caglechick87 says:

      Thanks for the encouraging words. Good luck with growing a huge garden to help your church too. That is so nice of you. Your welcome, I loved posting there I probably will every week now.


    • caglechick87 says:

      It sounds like you know what you are doing in gardening? Do you have any suggestions for what a first timer should plant? I already have a rough idea of what I want but if you have any ideas they are more than welcome.


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