Meal Plan August 24th- 31st

The weather here in Wisconsin has definitely changed this week. Fall is here. It is too cold to play outside almost. It is only 60 degrees on a good day. This normally wouldn’t be bad but it was in the 80s last week and it is still a total shock to the system. Good news is that it is great weather for cleaning and cooking. Chili and cookie weather as I call it. SO anyway here is my meal plan for this week. Notice the comfort foods.

M- Dorito taco bake
Tu- Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, corn, peanut butter cookies.
W- Chili
TH- Chicken enchiladas
F- General Tso’s chicken
SA- Brats, cheesy potatoes
SU- Not figured completely out yet. Will be daughter’s 4th birthday party I am thinking of doing pulled pork sandwiches, chips, dip, fruit salad, fruit dip, and Birthday cake. I am not sure yet. I will let you all know what we ended up having on her birthday party recap post. I will hopefully have that posted next Tuesday.


meal plan monday

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