Homeschooling works!!

My three year old is almost four. She will be starting head start and transitioning from homeschool to public school. I started homeschooling her when she was eighteen months. Starting with shapes, then colors. She learned these quickly. She did however struggle with numbers and her abcs. So while potty training and waiting for her to pee we sang the abcs and counted to ten on the potty. I didn’t realize how well it worked until she had her screeners for head start with her teacher yesterday. She passed with flying colors. Her teacher was even impressed with how far her talking skills are and how well formed her sentences are and that she was telling full stories. I am a proud mommy today. She got a big bowl of ice cream last night as a reward. Now to start homeschooling all over again at 18 months with her little sister Daisy. Bobbie will also week doing homeschooling on Fridays when she is not in school and by doing nature studies on the weekends. I love homeschooling them so much and watching them learn.


Old picture taken of her when she was almost 3. Her grandma gave her a nabi kids tablet that helped her with her homeschool.

3 thoughts on “Homeschooling works!!

    • caglechick87 says:

      Yeah I love it. I just tot school them to give them a chance and then I put them into the public school because hubby wants it that way. However we do homeschool them on the weekends still through fun activities, and stories. I think they learn so much better even when I do it this way. One on one attention helps them pick up so much. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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