How I teach my 3 year old responsibility

My three year old a loving a kind girl, but sometimes she thinks she can get everything given to her and do nothing herself. We try to stop this and one of the ways is giving her some responsibility for things around the house.

The way she does this are she does chores. She only has a few because she is only three.

1.) Take out the chairs and table for her sister and herself. They have their own kid table that they can eat dinner at. They start out on top of each other with the table upside down so she has to flip the table over and take out the chairs.

2.) She has her own little milk pitcher that she uses to get her milk. She has to pour her own milk at the counter for meal times.

3.)Put her toys back into the container she got them out of.

4.) Get dressed and get her own shoes and socks on when she leaves the house or wants to play outside.

Another way she does this is she needs to say please and thank you and ask nicely for things.

These chores help her learn responsibility and help prepare her for when she needs to go to school this year.

Do you kids have chores? How old are they? When did they start doing these?

Thank you for reading I really value having people read my blog and look into our lives.


Sorry for no pictures of anything today. My husband’s computer broke and mine is too old to put the memory card discs into.

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