Meal plan August 17th- 23rd

This is my first post on this brand new blog. I am so exited. I have a one year old daughter named Daisy May. I also have a three year old daughter named Bobbiesue. They both keep me super busy. I also have a diabetic husband who just got diagnosed in June. These things keep my life super busy.

I am going to share with you today some ways to make feeding a diabetic fun.

The first way is play with different spice combinations. I don’t think I will ever run out of different spice combinations to play with. My favorite ones are chipotle and garlic on pork chops. My other favorite is Molasses and bacon and chicken. I use the mccormick grill mates for this.

The next way is to grill out. This is the prime time of year for grilling. The weather is beautiful outside. I love to just grill out and play with my girls while cooking a delicious healthy meal. I like to add my favorite spices mentioned above to meat and grill it.

The last but still a great way is to use local produce that is being grown around me. I love to use corn on the cobb as a side bought at a roadside farmer’s stand. I also love to go the farmers market and buy green peppers, onions, cucumbers and carrots and make a salad from them. I also add the green peppers and onions to my food all week long.

I also enjoy buying brats from a local german meat shop. It tastes so good because it was made fresh. Louies finer meats in Cumberland, WI has great brats. Louies site.

These are a few fun cooking methods that I like to feed my diabetic husband with. He deserves me to come up with fun cooking methods because he works 60+ hours a week for my family. I love what he does for our family so I try to cook the best food I can for him while trying to keep it frugal. The meal ideas from my meal plan may not work for all diabetics. My husband works all day and a very physical job so I need to keep his carbs on the medium side so he doesn’t go low and get sick.

Weekly meal plan

M- Oven chicken seasoned with seasoning salt, and also chipolte and garlic grillmates, rice on the side with green peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

T- Pulled pork sandwiches with whole wheat bread, mashed potatoes on the side.

W- Chicken, bacon, ranch sandwiches on homemade french bread.

TH- Pork chops with cheesy potatoes

F- cheeseburgers with bacon, mushrooms and local corn on the cobb

S- grilled chicken, with stuffing

SU- Locally made Louies brats, with salad and watermelon on the side.


apples with almond butter



cucumbers and carrots with french onion dip

oatmeal energy bites

What are  your favorite fun ways to cook your food? I am sure that you all have some great ideas.

Thank you for reading this.

I am linking up to meal plan monday at Meal Plan Monday

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