Hello world!

Hello World. I am the mom of two adorable little girls. My Bobbiesue is three turning four in two weeks. She loves watching surprise eggs videos, frozen, and hugging her teddy bear. She is our wild child, and is full of life all the time. She wakes up early and goes to sleep late, always asking to craft or play with playdoh. She will start full day preschool in two weeks. It is kind of bittersweet for me. I have been home for her whole life. I stopped working when I was six months pregnant with her.

My Daisy May is seventeen month old and she is my quiet bookworm. She loves reading and carrying books along with her. She also loves to play with and wear socks. She always has a smile on her face.

My husband works at a beef jerky plant for Jack Links. He works in their packaging section. He works six days a week and twelve hour days. He is also diabetic and sometimes that is challenging for both us but we make it work.

I am twenty eight years old and got married at age 20. My hobbies include cooking, cleaning, and gardening. I also love to read the bible and homeschool my daughters.

In this blog you will find meal plans, cleaning tips, fun, and cuteness from my little girls. Yes this is a mom blog. I am sure most of you moms out there will enjoy reading it if you stick around for a while.

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